Thought Bubbles


I really should write a book. I know this because I have been told that I should write a book by many. In one 24 hour period, not too long ago, I was told this by three different people at three different times of the day. Here’s the problem…writing a book is an overwhelming undertaking. {overwhelming undertaking??}. I mean, geesh, where does one begin? Heck, I will admit it right here off the bat…I am kind of a ping-pong ball when it comes to subjects. I am all over the place. I’ve got so much going on up in my noggin it would be really hard to stay on task. I could easily fill pages with ramblings on from my brain. I could write long chapters about my experiences and opinions. But would anyone publish it?  Would people buy it? Would Oprah promote it shamelessly? I’m not making excuses here, I am sure I could do it, no doubt.  I mean, people tell me that I’ve got a story for everything. {Is this a good thing? hmmm…}  And once….{long pause for drama}….a friend told me that I was the funnest person they have ever talked to. Wow……wow.  Seriously, that is the best compliment one could ever receive in my {unwritten} book!

And so, I figured I would test the waters and start a blog. So here’s the deal…I, of all people, should not write a blog. Why? Because I am an observer. I am also a commenter. Things go in my head and fly out of my mouth. I am also a little crass. {Look it up at My point will be made immediately} Alright, I’m not that bad…but my best friend recently asked me a question after I told her about a rather annoying conversation I had with someone else. She asked me, “Did you say that out loud????” No, no, no, I assured her. I really didn’t say what I told her out loud.  I understand that it was way too harsh to actually SAY this comment to this un-named person….I explained that I just THOUGHT it.  You know those thought bubbles they have in comics? The ones with the little dots leading to the cloud above the person’s head? Those represent what they are thinking to themselves. Now the clouds with the little swoop towards the persons mouth…those are for spoken words.  So now, I just have to say “thought bubble” and she can relax. But, ummmmm…sometimes, when I am around other people, I accidentally use the swoosh…the “conversation bubble”.  Whoops.

Honestly, I’ve got a little problem here. I am not sure I can trust my fingertips on a keyboard to edit what should or should not be “said”. If I struggle with controlling my mouth, I am sure my hands will be just as questionable.  You see, what I will most likely be writing  about are my observations. I will be using my life as my blog inspiration. Occasionally I will write about something touchy-feely.  Probably never anything political.  But, I am sure often very un-PC.  I will comment. And I will offend. But I think I have a solution. Two actually. First, I promise to always change the names of my victims. {DANG fingers!} I mean my subjects.  Always. The second half of my “lets not offend people” solution is this….stop reading right now. If you don’t like what you see here, simply stop looking.

There. Problem. Solved.

I am quite excited to have such a big format to write on. I love that Facebook thing. Love it. But I tend to be long winded…the comment boxes are too tiny.  So are the “whats on your mind” boxes.  I’m often forced to turn what is on my mind into one of those “notes”.  It’s also been nice to be in touch with old friends and people on the other side of the world.  Blaa..blaa…blaa….alright, alright…what I really LOVE is writing my thoughts and getting feedback. Positive feedback. Yes, I am going to admit it….I love-love-love having what I consider a little fan base.  Come on, you’ve gotta know what I am talking about. When you write that status update that gets a bunch of comments you know you feel important.  We all love being the one with the clever & funny comments that other Facebookers “like”.  We all feel this way right? Don’t we? Hmmmmm…..{awkward silence, I even hear a cricket}  No?  Well I do.  I have no shame, I am totally aware of this. {Admitting it is the first step, right?} I have a teeny-tiny bit of a narcissistic streak in me.  But don’t we all?  We do don’t we?  I see it this way; we thrive on feedback. Who doesn’t want that reassurance that people don’t just agree with you, but are listening to you???? Heck, why say anything then? { I guess if you are a dictator then its ok though.} I for one will search for people to listen to what I have to say. If one shmuck doesn’t like it, then I just move on. {Way, way, way easier said than done.}

Alright…as I said before, I can be a bit crass.  I am also snarky…sarcastic…annoyed…brutally honest…but, amazingly funny. I know, humor is just cover for deep dark feelings seeping out from some childhood issue.  Whatever. I’m like this and I will try not to offend. Try. I will fail. So here’s your warning….I am not a big swearer or cusser, but occasionally I slip and it will somehow makes it through the editing process.  I do have a couple of favorite words that in some households are “bad” words.  Pissed & crap.  So far this is the first time I have used them in my blog. {You should have heard me at the kid’s hockey practice though!!!}  If you become offended in any way by my sometimes witty, other times mocking remarks, please, stop reading.  Step away from the computer or that magical machine/phone you carry around that acts like a computer.  {f.y.i. I am still amazed at the T.V. set  and cannot understand just how the picture gets in there.  Amazed.} You are in control. If you don’t like it, simply quit reading my blog and move on.  Find one that better fits your style.  Please don’t attack me in the comment section here.  Because, if you do I will not continue to read it and will prove my point of the control I just gave you.  We all like positive feedback {see paragraph above if you need a reminder.}

I am pretty fired up about having a place to rant and rave about the world around me.  Thanks for reading this much.   Most, alright, all of my material will come from my real life.  Somethings just can’t be made up! And also, in case you were wondering, most of my thoughts for this blog entry originated in my brain while on the treadmill in my bedroom.  Actually, I have a feeling my treadmill will be talked of often.  We have a love/hate relationship.


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  1. If your treadmill could talk, what would it say. I fear to know the depths that it would go into about your multiple personalities. Don’t worry though, because it refuses to speak to me.I think I have you beat in the multiple personality race. I’m totally happy with all my persons and thats good because most people are not,(ok with it) and think I’m strange and down right crazy. I just attribute it to others not being as foot loose and fancy free as me. Their loss as always. Sometimes it is tough being me, trying to fit in with others and being rejected and shunned and then I think about the class that I am really in. My own, and see that almost everyone chooses to give me a wide birth(most likely because they fear to be themselves). People should let go and take a break from their life styles every once in a while so they avoid cracking up into little pieces where all the kings horses and all the kings men wont be able to assemble them again. I love me and all the trouble I find myself in. It always seems to keep me on my toes as well as keeping others off balance.

    Would not a rose smell just as sweet if called by any another name?

    I’m sure it would. I’m living proof!

  2. Ok let me be the 4th person to tell you to write a book, I am a lot like you with my thoughts going on like a ping pong etc. I am going to be an author, don’t know how or when but I will be. I wish you the best of luck as you should consider this a serious matter: Just GO FOR IT. You already have a talented viewpoint and way of writing. Thanks.

  3. I was always so fascinated with your Dad’s original and brutally honest viewpoints. A few times, when his back was hurting and he needed a place to take a little break, he would stop by the church office and chat for a while. And when he left, I’d sit back and say, “Whew!” The way you write about “your world” sortof reminds me of him; though you’re much gentler in your presentation. [Don’tcha think moms learn to be gentle so as not to hurt their young with their words? Surely, that’s a good thing.] There were times when your dad could barely control the intense passion he felt…. for Debbie… his kids….Peru… and church… and politics, etc. [It was Peru, wasn’t it?] But I/we all loved that about him….the passion, I mean. Anyway, being relatively bland and conservative myself, he was an enigma to me [I looked it up to be sure that word was what I meant: mysterious, interesting, fascinating, puzzling, perplexing]. The gentler portion of his qualities are part of what makes what you write thought provoking and fun to read. It doesn’t hurt that you’re really smart and, oh, so cool! But “crass?” Not a bit! And I did look it up.

    Honestly, I was disappointed that you hadn’t written anything new and wonderful for me to read this morning. You’re way more interesting than the morning news. So ramble away, dearie, and if I don’t like it, I’ll know what to do.

    So, can I join your fan club now? and does it come with an autographed photo of you and your amazing tattoo? That’s ok, my walls are jammed full of grandkid photos. One more thing, your grandma loves you unconditionally. I guarantee it. And, as a grandma, so far you’re doing just fine. If you don’t let your more liberal fans talk you into cutting loose entirely, you’ll be ok. My suggestion for a guide is always to not write anything you wouldn’t want your kids to read….ever and it never hurts to temper our words with love.

    Now I must decide….delete….not delete….delete….not delete.

    • Thanks Karen…thanks for sharing that little bit about my dad that I did not know…and for comparing me to him. And for the guilt you have put upon me to continue writing. I mean INCOURAGEMENT! yeah, the incouragement you have given me to keep writing { although every day may be difficult. I’m an “in-the-mood” kinda writer. }. I hate to break it to you, in writing I am rather gentle…in real life, not so much. Its been getting worse over the last few years too for some reason…hmmmm….I will keep your advice in mind, as well as that “liberal fans”…I’m sure there is a middle ground.

      I have no fan club as of yet…but you can subscribe to the blog. I’m so glad you didn’t delete. Also, it wasn’t Peru…it was Brazil.

  4. It will be nice when you stop clearing your throat and apologizing for being you. Love your writing style, can clearly see how it flows. Open the gates. Blast away!

    In all honesty, it sounds like you are trying to not offend grandma and whoever else from your church might read this. Be you. LIfe is a journey. If the church or grandma can’t handle this they just don’t understand what love is.

    Make this a discipline, a daily routine please.

    • Thank you thank you thank you! You are pretty spot on, I am a little hesitant with my writing. I guess thats partly because of the editing process…I don’t have that option with my mouth. Honestly, I thought the same things after I published it and made a vow to be more…..ummm…me. Thanks for the encouragement!

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