Music Is My Life


I planned on using this blog as an outlet to rant and rave about things in, well, life. {Hence, the JAB at the World title.} But as I read over my entries I noticed something woven through about half of them. Not something…but someone. My dad. Lost him a bit over two years ago. He sits on the edge of my mind all of the time. It seems that where ever I go, there he is. Even in my writings. I love that.

So, I am not going to worry any more about sticking with my original theme for this blog…I’m just going to go with what comes to mind. Please, please, please don’t get the wrong impression of me just because I exposed one of my weaknesses! In this unhinged mind, I am always jabbing at the world. Always.

And now for the main event. {That would be the actual blog entry}

“Music is my life.”

Yes, another great quote from my dad. What makes this statement so marvelous is that the man was not a musician. He didn’t play any instruments or read music…Although, he did have a fantastic voice and was always belting out lines from random songs. He sounded like a cross between Robert Plant and Steven Curtis Chapman. If you are not familiar with the music from either of these singers, let me give you a brief overview of each. Robert Plant; lead singer of the amazing 1970’s band Led Zeppelin. Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll at its finest. Steven Curtis Chapman; Conservative, Christian pop singer. Blend these two cats together and there is the voice of my dad.

I’m not sure of the exact flow of our conversation, but I do know this; It was the day after an American Idol episode and we were in a deep discussion about the contestants.  I loved watching it, not only was it my guilty pleasure, but it was always fun to get a random seven second phone call every twenty minutes or so from my dad saying something along the lines of  “Wh—-y in the WORLD would anyone vote for this goofball?”.  Then he’d hang up. This particular afternoon we were talking about the show and he blurted out, “Music is my life!”


I had never seen him do anything to make that statement make sense.

What are you talking about, you NUT?

Then he explained. It made perfect sense.

Dad grew up in the fifties and sixties. Big time music era. He could hear a particular song and be taken back to that period in his life.  Music can be a timeline, so to say, of your life. As he aged, new songs were added to his personal soundtrack. Two people can share a love for a song, but for two completely different reasons…that’s what makes music so magical.

Yea, Dad, music is my life too. I get it.

We all have our soundtrack… it can be on a vinyl record, an 8-track, a cassette, a CD, and for you youngsters…an iPod.  For me it will forever be the classic mix-tape. {Gotta love the 80’s} I even know what would be on my playlist. Yes, I think of these things just in case someone asks. And since you asked….

*Fire & Rain by James Taylor-Favorite {classic} song in the whole wide world.

*Glitter In the Air by Pink-Favorite {current} song in the whole wide world.

*You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker-the song that makes me cry and I usually have to fast forward it so I don’t.

*Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield-Guilty Pleasure song. I still listen to it nearly every day. {shhhhhhh}

*Here I Go Again by Whitesnake-When I see my ’65 Mustang I am inspired by this video song. {Youtube it and remember…. I love my car.}

*Fast Car by Tracy Chapman-Song that takes me back to high school & if  it’s playing on the radio don’t you dare touch that dial song.

*We’ve Got the Beat by the Go-Go’s-Song that I danced to around the kitchen with my sister. {You know you’ve got one of those!}

*I’ve Just Seen A Face by the Beatles-The only song I am 100% sure I know every single word to and it always makes me smile. Always.

*Joanna by Cool and the Gang-The I hate it so much I love it song.

*When I’m 64 by the Beatles-Sing in the car at the top of your lungs with my mom song.

*Shut Up A Your Face by Joe Dolce-Sing in the truck at the top of your lungs with my dad song.

*Neon by John Mayer-Sing in the truck at the top of your lungs with my kids song.

*Take It Easy by the Eagles-My anti-anxiety song.

*American Woman by the Guess Who-My I feel like I could rule the world song.

*Learning To Fly by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Because I still am song.

*See by Steven Curtis Chapman- Someday I will song.

*I’ll Be by Edwin McCain-Because song.

*Africa by Toto-Memories of childhood AND adulthood song.

*Theme from M*A*S*H & Theme From Little House On the Prarie-My soundtrack… my songs.

*Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds-I’m an 80’s kid song.

*Heaven by Warrent-Cheese-ball, tear jerker, 80’s big hair power ballad cannot resist ever song.

*Fix You by Coldplay-Another because song.

*The End of the Innocence by Don Henley-There always is song.

*The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert-I’ve lived it song {And my next blog…just be patient}

Obviously Janelle’s Soundtrack will be a double album.  Actually, there is a whole album collection…if you watch t.v. really late on Sunday nights you can order it for just five installments of $19.99 plus shipping & handling. {Also available on cassette.} Artists included in this fabulous only available for a limited time anthology include; Duran Duran, Richard Marx, John Cougar Mellencamp, Ricky Martin, and Dave Matthews Band.  Bonus tracks by Matt Nathanson and Prince.

Music is my life. My life is music. Yours is too. You just have to listen.


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