So I got a little carried away on Facebook today.  I, like many annoying Facebook posters, wrote an insanely long status update.  And so I thought, what the hell??? I will just turn it into a blog entry…

So here it is, unedited because I have to do a few thousand other things….like work.


Alright…i’m not one to rant and rave (on FB..real life…well 😉 ) But heres the deal…My youngest boy (a mere 10 years old) , got an “accountability check” yesterday at school. For those not familiar its like a warning…you get three or something then youre busted in some way. Most would assume they were given out for disorderly conduct, not turning in homework, bullying….. well not my kid!

Any guesses? My first guess was that he said some smart ass comment to a teacher (have no idea where he would learn something like that). But no.

His school gave him one for BEING ON CAMPUS AT 7 :54 AM…NO ONE IS ALLOWED UNTIL 7:55AM. One minute??? SERIOUSLY??? What if the sweet little fellow’s clock was a minute fast? Because there is no way the principals clock was off right? This is the lamest form of CONTROL. Pathetic. Hey CUSD…why don’t you sit back and enjoy the little kiddos that are actually behaving and not causing problems instead of make them fall into your stupid little traps (that goes for the dress code and the hair rules for boys..both sexist and if reversed would be a women’s rights issue)

I am completely mortified by the manipulation my kids’ school district is using on them. I understand rules are made for a reason…the school doesn’t want to babysit before school have no business being on campus at early hours etc. I GET THAT. But a minute? A kid who was minding his own sweet business? Not causing a bit of trouble?

Now, as a child, i know i would have been mortified if this would have happened to me. Ask my mom..i would have stayed home from school for at least a day. I would have been in tears and sick to my stomach. I was a rule follower. I wouldn’t want to disappoint. Shame on CUSD and Maple Creek Elementary for being so wrapped up in the little things instead of enjoying the innocent joy of a child skipping through the halls eager to learn just one minute early….

Ok ok…i know my boy was not doing that. He also wasnt doing what i would have done as a child…worrying, feeling guilty, feeling horrible and embarrassed. He was obedient and compliant. AND TRUTHFULLY I’M A BIT DISAPPOINTED IN THE LITTLE WHIPPERSNAPPER!

What a perfect opportunity to stick it to the man! Shoot! I wish my boy had looked at that principal in the eye and told her that this was completely controlling and unnecessary and a waste of time..time better spent welcoming the children to school and praising them. If my boy would have told her to shove it where the sun don’t shine i would have been proud as can be.

If only my boy would have EARNED that accountability check!!!

But no, he just accepted it and moseyed off to to class. Shrugged it off. Didn’t let it get to him or ruin his day.


Where Did I Go Wrong???


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  1. I really hope you called and/or wrote the school principal and gave him his own “accountability check.” Someone was obviously a cuppa java short of a good morning and an official parental complaint is in order. Phooey!

  2. CUSD is an oppressive orginization. I have hated them for years. My kids are angels by no means but CUSD does set the kids up to fail if the kids don’t fit the cookie cutter mold CUSD sets out for them. Education is NOT the CUSD’s first priority conformity and property values are. I could write my own blog about this but it would just put me in a bad mood. CUSD SUCKS!!!!

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