To Do List for 2013


“Happy New Year…I can’t believe it’s already 1983 already!” Yeah…I actually said that.  I remember quite well saying it even though I was just a wee child….like…ummm……young. I was with my cousin and sister and we were just amazed at how quickly our lives were flying by….I’m shaking my head now just thinking how ridiculous that is.  What did we know then? What had we experienced? What had we survived? Nothing…Nothing at all.

I wish it were 1983 again.

Here we are…I can’t belive it’s already 2013 already!

And thank goodness 2012 is over.  I loved it. I hated it.  And I’m pretty sure 2012 felt the same about me.  Probably one of, if not the, hardest years I’ve weathered. I’m ready to move forward…run forward actually.  So many people do the cliché thing of making new years resolutions.  Get in shape! Get out of debt! Run a marathon! Be a better person! But come March the hype has worn off and soon those resolutions are buried in the sand…swept under a rug….shelved. This happens because they are just too big….well, for me at least.  Honestly, I’m quite over the exercise craze…it is a craze right??? And get out of debt? Well, there’s only one way to do that and I can’t afford to run to Canada.  Speaking of running….that marathon won’t be happening any time soon {ever} for me.

I think I will start smaller this year.  Just like a to do list…we {me) tend to put a few easy things on that can be quickly crossed.  In no time that list is shrinking as things such as “wake up”, “eat”, “breathe” and “check Facebook” are checked off.  So my to-do list for 2013 is going to read something like this:

1.Wake up….with a smile

2. Eat…good food

3.Breathe…fresh air

4. Check Facebook…be reminded of all the wonderful friends and family that I have.


But then there is all of that other stuff that needs to be put on the list…important stuff , that although hard, is necessary in getting things done.

5. Write more

6. Relax often

7. Let go of anger

8. Fight fear

9. Enjoy joy

10. Allow goodness

11. Push forward

12. Find comfort

13.  Move continuously

Thirteen things for 2013…

I know I said I was going to start small, but, really, none of these are.  They all require discipline. They all require help. I can be self disciplined.  But the help part…I hate  {such a harsh word…but it’s true} to have to be helped.  I fought it all of 2012.  Needing help made me feel weak, inadequate, and hell…sometimes pretty lame.  But I discovered something…laying under the weakness..buried below the surface…getting that help built me up.  Recognizing all of these stupid weaknesses I have made me stronger.  Like in a workout…correct me if I’m wrong {and I know at least one of you punks out there will not have a problem doing that}, when a muscle is used it is broken down a little bit. As it “heals” it grows and ends up tougher and bigger than it originally was at the beginning of the exercise. Pretty neat.

So, here’s to the trainers, the coaches, the teachers, the friends who’ve supported me. Who’ve encouraged me.  Who’ve pushed me.  Who’ve helped me.

May it be a mighty wonderful year full of great workouts!

Promise me you’ll always remember:

You’re braver than you believe,

and stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think. “

– A.A. Milne


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