Happy Little Bluebirds


Sometimes things get a little too heavy. I’m famous, well in my own eyes, for changing the subject when it comes to avoiding things I would rather not discuss.  So to lighten the “mood” of my blogs as of late I thought I’d take a different path this morning.

In the last year or two my life has also taken a different route.  Some days I feel like it’s smooth sailing and I’m skipping down the happy trail of life…wait. Let me rephrase {cough cough} that came out wrong.  I feel like I’m skipping down the yellow brick road of life…I know where I’m going…I know where it leads.  Everything is just perfect and easy and its not difficult to see that bright lit up path in front of me. This happens about every 3 or 4 months for about 29 minutes at a time…then suddenly the flying monkeys appear or someone starts throwing apples at me.

Just when its going amazing I get hit with something that sends me in a tailspin and I start to panic.  Unfortunately the only available path is that yellow one but there seems to be all kinds of roadblocks.  What do I do? Do I stand there and wait for the dude with the hand held stop sign to wave me through,cussin’ and getting all pissed off cause I’m in a hurry to get to that damn poppy field ahead? Should I look for an alternate route?  Or should I just plow through full speed ahead????

Some days I just curl up on the side of the road and wait for that beautiful witch from the east….The one who fixes things by showing me I have to fix them myself.  The one who pulls me up by my bra strap and tells me comforting words like, “this too shall pass” or “I brought a little friend and he’s got candy.” {Ummm…please tell me you got that W of O reference.} She’s the one who reminds me that to get where I am heading I just have to look  away from the obstacles ahead and realize that the way is right there at my feet…I just have to move them.

Life is hard and wonderful…I’m so glad I have my side-kicks….the people who follow along beside of me  on this funny road, picking me up when I fall and skin my knees, taking my hand when I’m scared, holding me up when I just can’t stand any more, and just being there to listen as I bitch about all the damn traffic surrounding me.

It’s a new day…..I better go dust off my ruby slippers.



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