Note to self: Only run downhill. It’s way more fun.


I went for a walk tonight. I’ve been doing that a lot again lately. It’s good for my body as well as my soul. My brain gets going on overdrive sometimes. {All the time} Yoga really has helped me subdue this mind habit I’ve had as since I could think. But, there are times that I just need to move, fast…burn off brain energy at a quicker pace. As I bounced through unfamiliar parts of my neighborhood at dusk this evening I lost track of where I actually was. I asked a man walking with his dog and daughter if the way I was going would lead me to a dead end or not {way common in this neck of the woods}. When he asked where I was headed I smiled and said, ” I don’t know.”

”That’s awesome,” he replied with a grin and assured me I would find my way.


I’m never been much of a runner. Ok…I’ve never been a runner. Ever.  At all. Its pure torture. Every step I do run I hiss to myself, “This sucks. I hate this. I wanna kill the inventor of running”.  So fast walking it is…mostly.  My neighborhood is full of hills and slopes so it’s actually an amazing workout.  Plus I get to look at the beautiful enormous million dollar spectacular houses and wonder if the neighbors are wondering how I managed to squeeze my gypsy-like ass into their hood.


The last few years of my life have been rough. Shitty actually. Worse than shitty.  I’ve managed to sail through several storms of depression, illness, deaths, divorce, poverty, separation from my children, a massive broken heart, and a couple of horrific family tragedies…and survived.


Not just survived, I’ve come out tough as hell.  I won’t deny it.  I’ve never felt so weak so often in my life…


And never so strong.


Life has been more uphill runs than I ever imagined. It sucks. It sucks hard. That’s why, when I get the chance….I fly down the hills as fast as I can.






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