When I was about seventeen I walked in on my little brother in the bathroom during a very private, personal time.

I know, right? Awkward.

The door wasn’t closed tight so I just waaaalked on in. I had no agenda of catching him in the act. I just pushed open the unlatched door, and there he was….with it aaaaaaalllllllll out there for his big sister to see.  Standing in front of the mirror, in only his tighty whities and socks was my little speck of a brother flexing his puny 7 year old muscles. That’s right…flexing his muscles like he was Hulk Hogan himself.

Like any good teen movie straight from the 80’s, he got all pissed off and screeched at me as he slammed the door with all his might in my face. But I didn’t care one bit!  I was already doubled over in laughter!  Ahahahahahahaa! I couldn’t wait to tell our sister what a little dork he was!

This is one of my all time most wonderfully favorite moments with this guy.

Tonight, as I was fiddling around in my room I caught my reflection in the mirror of my antique dresser.  Just home from yoga class, my hair was a mess, my face horribly shiny as I had thoroughly sweated off any remaining make up after a long day at work . Still in my tank top, because it takes this old gal a while to cool off these days, I noticed new wrinkles around my mouth and on my forehead. My roots were peeking out from under my red locks and let me tell ya…they weren’t all blonde like they used to be….silver strands here and there. like glitter, caught the light as I inspected what I’ve become. The tired eyes of the person in the mirror met mine….They were still.



Who is this girl…excuse me…woman…looking back at me? Where did she come from? When did this happen? Then I looked a little closer…

My skin has a glow to it that I longed for as a teenager..Living by the beach and downward dog does that….My arms, I like my arms…thank you yoga.  My eyes, they are tired because after a long emotional night I still managed to put my whole heart into a full day of work at a job that I love. They are tired because blessed myself with a yoga class where I pushed not only my balance, but my physical comfort zone.  They are tired because ahead of me are a few things that constantly test my patience as well as my heart.

I observe.

Flashing through my mind was that afternoon with my brother…there he was, all sweet and innocent, checking himself out. Observing.  And why the hell not?? He was fabulous! He was seven and wonderful! Take it in little guy…take it in…

And that’s just what I did.

“People think a true soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention….” –Elizabeth Gilbert

Pay attention. 

janelle flex


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