About me….hmmm….lets see…I have been described as creative & quirky. But I see myself as quite clever. Occasionally I’m told I am bossy & aggressive. That’s just assertive leadership and I don’t see anything wrong with these qualities. I tell it like it is. My friends would agree. But my enemies usually have a problem with it.  I enjoy the game of hockey more than most females, have a way with small children, and am fascinated by monkeys.  Travel is one of my favorite past times; I would go anywhere in this great big wide world of ours. Useless information is my specialty. I am a little too much in love with my 65 Mustang, acoustic guitar cover songs & the 80’s. I would much rather be one of the guys than a princess. There’s just nothin like a perfect pair of well-worn jeans and a cozy t-shirt. If given the choice between going on the road with my comedy routine or staring in my own sit-com I’d have to go with the sit-com. {I could always hit the road on hiatus.} Although I dropped out of English 1A in college, I love to write.  I also am curious about the meaning behind people’s tattoos. My favorite color is orange. And that’s just the beginning…..


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